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I believe we are created for relationships.  We know ourselves in the context of our relationships and so healing occurs through repairing relationships and altering our interactions within those relationships. 


Couples need connection, support and comfort. Emotional pain is the result when these needs are not being met. When we don't know how to deal with the flood of difficult emotions, they can start to affect our actions and behaviors. When relationships get out of balance this can result in a negative cycle that gets in the way of you living a successful and satisfying life.


My primary focus in Relationship Counseling is to create greater levels of trust, safety and stronger emotional bonds through the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I place a strong emphasis on healthy communication, problem solving and attachment experiences. I seek to assist couples in identifying patterns of relating that keep them stuck in the same repetitive conversations and arguments. 


EFT for Couples is one of the few therapies that helps couples; get back to their loving feelings;  be connected; be secure and happy in their relationship. 


Studies have shown that between 70% and 75% of couples are able to recover from distress after undergoing emotionally focused therapy. 90% of couples show significant improvement. Most partners learn how to communicate and interact in a new, beneficial way. 

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